Fix Arch Linux install instructions to use AUR (#953)

The existing instruction is incorrect, the luau package exists on the
Arch Linux User Repository (AUR), not at the official repository.

Feel free to suggest edits if something is wrong/missing, thanks!

(I also have a pkgbuild that builds every executable possible excluding
tests (repl, analyze, ast, reduce), however I did not include this since
releases only include repl and analyze)
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@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ You can install and run Luau by downloading the compiled binaries from [a recent
Alternatively, you can use one of the packaged distributions (note that these are not maintained by Luau development team):
- macOS: [Install Homebrew]( and run `brew install luau`
- Arch Linux: Run `pacman -S luau`
- Arch Linux: From the AUR (Arch Linux User Repository), install one of these packages via a AUR helper or manually (by cloning their repo and using ``makepkg``): [luau]( (manual build), [luau-git]( (manual build by cloning this repo), or [luau-bin]( (pre-built binaries from releases)
- Alpine Linux: [Enable community repositories]( and run `apk add luau`
After installing, you will want to validate the installation was successful by running the test case [here](