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Manjaro for T2 MacBooks

This repository contains the build scripts for compiling isos using the mbp-manjaro-kernel. With these iso files you can run Manjaro on 2018+ Macbook models with the T2 Chip.

Kernel Source: https://github.com/JPyke3/mbp-manjaro-kernel

Extra Modules: https://github.com/JPyke3/extramodules-mbp-manjaro

Repository: http://mbp-repo.jacobpyke.xyz/archlinux/

Roadmap: https://github.com/JPyke3/mbp-manjaro/projects/1

Important Notice for all users!

My repository has changed due to issues with my previous content delivery network. You can replace the repository by opening a terminal and running the following command:

sudo sed -i 's/https:\/\/jacobpyke.xyz/http:\/\/mbp-repo.jacobpyke.xyz/' /etc/pacman.conf

Installation Proccess

See the wiki for installation procedure

Distro Specific Packages:

  • audio-fix-mbp
    • Installs files needed for pulseaudio rules
  • wifi-fix-mbp
    • Usage: systemctl start wifi-fix.service; systemctl enable wifi-fix.service
    • Fixes a bug where the wifi firmware won't load on boot


See the wiki for a FAQ

Building for yourself

See the wiki for build instructions

Notable Resources

Noteworthy Helpers

Noteworthy GitHub Repo's

Other MBP Distributions


There is absolutley no obligation to donate, this software is free and will remain that way, this is just if you wanna help support my caffeine addiction

I accept donations either through Patreon (See the right hand side bar). Or via crypto (BTC and Lightning).

On Chain

My On Chain address is: 36MMVwfxRyZKA4SJyUkB8QptMvBip9jLzS



tippin.me is currently not accepting sign ups, once they do I will create an account then I will accept tips via Lightning