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marcosfad ec84ec7281
Merge pull request #45 from awthwathje/patch-2 1 month ago
Awth Wathje 8f492e150d
Add a line about a GRUB target, since it's not obvious. 2 months ago
marcosfad e595d4d16d
Merge pull request #42 from Redecorating/patch-2 2 months ago
Redecorating 3efdf25425
mention where to get kernel for 4377 for now 2 months ago
Redecorating b88b4cc567
note that bcm4377 won't work with current release 2 months ago
Redecorating 00276b41fa
readme: mbp vs mbp-alt to mbp vs 16x-wifi 2 months ago
marcosfad 8e8d7c3359 Update kernel 5.10.47 2 months ago
marcosfad 519b4c14f0
Merge pull request #41 from nelsontkq/patch-1 3 months ago
Nelson Truran f73f7da85c
Double equals doesn't work between single brackets 3 months ago
marcosfad 704a015391 Fix yamllint and use repo 3 months ago
marcosfad 019e806500
Merge pull request #40 from Redecorating/patch-1 3 months ago
marcosfad d2fea1ac6a
Merge pull request #39 from Redecorating/feature/linux5.10 3 months ago
Redecorating 6205d025f4
readme: update instructions for dkms after kernel upgrade 3 months ago
Redecorating 1e245d20d3
revert zip part size to 1.5GB 4 months ago
Redecorating e438ad4b52
Update CI.yml 4 months ago
Redecorating be42bfb034
fix unzip instructions 4 months ago
Redecorating 07e804afd0 split iso into 500mb parts, may fix artifact download 4 months ago
Redecorating ad56eff73d
add CI 4 months ago
Redecorating 2f56be3ef0 linux5.10, update apple-bce and apple-ibridge 4 months ago
Redecorating 67d89e79aa Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/useIwd' into feature/linux5.10 4 months ago
marcosfad 6f4f716200
Merge pull request #34 from networkException/patch-1 4 months ago
Jakob-Niklas See 21ea27f237
README: Remove 16,1 not supporting wifi from known issues 6 months ago
Jakob-Niklas See 6319904039
README: Update link to wifi guide 6 months ago
marcosfad 0d67577c70
Merge pull request #26 from networkException/patch-1 10 months ago
Jakob-Niklas See 413bd0fd8c
README: Adjusted phrasing as suggested by @JPyke3 10 months ago
Jakob-Niklas See 01bcc7db11
README: Rephrased version warning 10 months ago
Jakob-Niklas See 1d472e6f0a
README: Added warning for newer releases 10 months ago
marcosfad 4b01e2de56 Kernel: Update to 5.9.6 12 months ago
marcosfad fbad63c0e1 README: Add grub menu documentation 12 months ago
marcosfad 2ee13b8682 Network: Add iwd and use it as backend 1 year ago
marcosfad af58db08b1 Kernel: Update to 5.8.13 1 year ago
marcosfad ceb3d920ee
Merge pull request #13 from marcosfad/release/5.8 1 year ago
marcosfad d2732ae9c9 Update kernel 5.8.5 1 year ago
marcosfad 249a6d07c4 Update kernel 5.7.19 1 year ago
marcosfad 209553c995 Update kernel 5.7.17 1 year ago
marcosfad 26e8e6b32c Update kernel 5.7.15 1 year ago
marcosfad 8f8b3428d9 Update README 1 year ago
marcosfad 0824faaf7d
Merge pull request #10 from marcosfad/feature/alternativeRelease 1 year ago
marcosfad ba065dd371 Create multiple releases 1 year ago
marcosfad c0a929ef5a Update kernel 5.6.19 1 year ago
marcosfad 3ba94cc850 Update kernel 5.6.17 1 year ago
marcosfad be741e8745 Update kernel 5.6.16 1 year ago
marcosfad 3b7f9b171a Update kernel 5.6.15 1 year ago
marcosfad 68f147ff84 Add extra params to kernel and stop blacklisting thunderbolt 1 year ago
marcosfad 12bcf266ea
Merge pull request #3 from HaojiXu/master 1 year ago
Haoji Xu c7f60cd980
Add method to get pulseaudio working 1 year ago
marcosfad 49595cd9e1 Update kernel 5.6.14 1 year ago
marcosfad 542192ec01 Update kernel 5.6.13 1 year ago
marcosfad 0ac9dd984a Update kernel 5.6.11 1 year ago
marcosfad 29ea078db2 Update kernel 5.6.11 1 year ago
marcosfad 5f2c2d7ce3 Add more boot options and remove splash to make debugging easier 1 year ago
marcosfad 084e3b1a00 Fix installer and GRUB 2 years ago
Marcos Fadul 12a1a2f298 Working Touchpad and keyboard 2 years ago
marcosfad 89c692e741 Fix Build process. 2 years ago
Marcos Fadul 20bc664690 Initial commit 2 years ago