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CLASS net/minecraft/class_2158 net/minecraft/server/function/CommandFunction
FIELD field_9805 elements [Lnet/minecraft/class_2158$class_2161;
FIELD field_9806 id Lnet/minecraft/class_2960;
METHOD <init> (Lnet/minecraft/class_2960;[Lnet/minecraft/class_2158$class_2161;)V
ARG 1 id
ARG 2 elements
METHOD method_9193 getElements ()[Lnet/minecraft/class_2158$class_2161;
METHOD method_9194 getId ()Lnet/minecraft/class_2960;
METHOD method_9195 create (Lnet/minecraft/class_2960;Lcom/mojang/brigadier/CommandDispatcher;Lnet/minecraft/class_2168;Ljava/util/List;)Lnet/minecraft/class_2158;
COMMENT Parses a function in the context of {@code source}.
COMMENT <p>Any syntax errors, such as improper comment lines or unknown commands, will be thrown at this point.
ARG 0 id
ARG 1 dispatcher
ARG 2 source
ARG 3 lines
COMMENT the raw lines (including comments) read from a function file
CLASS class_2159 LazyContainer
COMMENT A lazy reference to another command function that may or may not exist.
COMMENT <p>Notice that such an instance does not refresh upon reloads and may become
COMMENT invalid.
FIELD field_9807 id Lnet/minecraft/class_2960;
FIELD field_9808 function Ljava/util/Optional;
FIELD field_9809 EMPTY Lnet/minecraft/class_2158$class_2159;
FIELD field_9810 initialized Z
METHOD <init> (Lnet/minecraft/class_2158;)V
ARG 1 function
METHOD <init> (Lnet/minecraft/class_2960;)V
ARG 1 id
METHOD method_17913 (Lnet/minecraft/class_2158;)Lnet/minecraft/class_2960;
ARG 0 f
METHOD method_9196 get (Lnet/minecraft/class_2991;)Ljava/util/Optional;
ARG 1 manager
METHOD method_9197 getId ()Lnet/minecraft/class_2960;
CLASS class_2160 CommandElement
COMMENT A standard element of a command function. Functions created by {@link
COMMENT CommandFunction#create} will only contain these elements.
FIELD field_9811 parsed Lcom/mojang/brigadier/ParseResults;
METHOD <init> (Lcom/mojang/brigadier/ParseResults;)V
ARG 1 parsed
METHOD method_36318 execute (Lnet/minecraft/class_2991;Lnet/minecraft/class_2168;)I
ARG 1 manager
ARG 2 source
CLASS class_2161 Element
METHOD method_9198 execute (Lnet/minecraft/class_2991;Lnet/minecraft/class_2168;Ljava/util/Deque;IILnet/minecraft/class_2991$class_6346;)V
ARG 1 manager
ARG 2 source
ARG 3 entries
ARG 4 maxChainLength
ARG 5 depth
ARG 6 tracer
CLASS class_2162 FunctionElement
COMMENT A synthetic element to be stored in a {@link CommandFunctionManager.Entry}.
COMMENT This is not present as parts of command functions, but created by {@link
COMMENT net.minecraft.server.function.CommandFunctionManager.Execution#recursiveRun}.
FIELD field_9812 function Lnet/minecraft/class_2158$class_2159;
METHOD <init> (Lnet/minecraft/class_2158;)V
ARG 1 function
METHOD method_17914 (Lnet/minecraft/class_2991$class_6346;IILjava/util/Deque;Lnet/minecraft/class_2168;Lnet/minecraft/class_2158;)V
ARG 5 f