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minify-html changelog


  • Bump GitHub Actions Ubuntu image version.


  • Change the default CSS minifier optimisation level to 1, as higher levels may perform dangerous optimisations.
  • Allow configuring the CSS minifier optimisation level.
  • Fix building from source in Node.js postinstall.js script.


  • [Node.js] Fix assertion failure panic on invalid argument type.
  • Do not consider empty href attributes as redundant.



  • Improve handling of RCDATA text content in edge cases.


  • Do not encode entities in RCDATA text content (e.g. contents of <textarea> and <title>).


  • Use FxHasher for internal hash-based data structures.
  • Bump css-minify to 0.3.1.
  • [WASM] Add type and main fields to package.json.
  • [Node.js] Improve invalid argument type error messages.


  • [Python] Add Python 3.11 support.
  • [Python] Build source distribution wheels that will compile on install when prebuilt variants are not available. The Rust compiler must be available.



  • Bump minify-js to 0.2.
  • Minify JS as module instead of global script if type is module.


  • Drop unmatched closing tags instead of reinterpreting them as opening tags. This avoids the possibility of unintentionally creating a large deep tree due to malformed inputs where there are repeated unmatched closing tags (e.g. broken HTML template).
  • Fix parallel minification in CLI mode, where some inputs were ignored.
  • Output file names as they're processed in parallel mode from the CLI.
  • Allow self-closing <svg> tags.
  • Drop support for macOS ARM64 due to lack of GitHub Actions runners.


  • Fix Node.js dependency version.
  • Create onepass variant for Python.
  • Bump minify-js to 0.1.1.
  • Implement parallel in-place minification for CLI.


  • Fix Node.js postinstall script.


  • Replace esbuild with minify-js as the JS minifier, a fast minifier written from scratch in Rust. This alleviates many of the problems with integrating with esbuild, including interference with process signals by the Go runtime, compatibility issues with C libraries other than glibc, use of threading libraries without actually threading, inability to compile to rarer Rust targets, dependency on the Go compiler, maintaining a fork of esbuild, unsafe FFI, and more. CSS minification is now done by css-minify.
    • As minify-js is a relatively new library, any feedback, suggestions, and issues around JS minification is most welcome! Please report them to the repo.
  • Use Neon for the Node.js library instead of custom hand-written N-API bindings in C. This simplifies the code and makes it safer and easier to extend. It also allows building from source if a prebuilt binary is not available (the Rust compiler must be installed).
    • The package has been renamed to @minify-js/node.
    • There is a slight API change: instead of calling createConfiguration, directly pass the JavaScript object to the minify function. The minify function also no longer takes a string.
  • Thanks to the change to the fully-Rust minify-js, we can now add support for Deno and WebAssembly.
  • Due to the dropping of esbuild, there is no more core variant for Node.js and Python, as the issues should no longer exist.


  • Create wrapper index.js for Node.js library to support ESM.
  • Do not consider empty value attributes on option elements as redundant.
  • Consider crossorigin attributes as boolean.


  • Minify whitespace in SVG elements.


  • Fix Node.js library build process on Windows.


  • Do not remove alt attribute when empty.


  • Fix Node.js library not including cli.js.
  • [CLI] Add support for macOS ARM64.
  • [Node.js] Add support for macOS ARM64.
  • [Python] Add support for Linux ARM64 and macOS ARM64. Drop support for Python 3.7 (breaking change).


  • Fix the Node.js library TypeScript definitions. minifyJs has been fixed to minify_js and minifyCss has been fixed to minify_css. This is not a breaking change the library itself only ever accepted the fixed names, so this is actually a typo fix.
  • Implement a basic CLI script for Node.js to allow using the library from the command line e.g. quick testing or sandboxing without needing to download and install the CLI separately. It accepts all configuration properties (all of which are currently booleans) using hyphen case e.g. --do-not-minify-doctype, as well as --output [path] and one default (i.e. not after an option switch) argument for the path to the input. It's only a few lines long and should not have a tangible effect on library size.


  • Intrepret type=module on <script> tags as a JavaScript MIME eligible for its contents to be minified as JavaScript (previously it would not be and so its contents would be considered data and never minified as JavaScript).
  • Fix issue where spaces are not added between unquoted attributes even when cfg.keep_spaces_between_attributes is true.