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* Keyboard, Trackpad, Audio and Suspend:
* Arch Linux Kernel Patches:
* DKMS Module for loading Patches:
## Other MBP Distributions
* Ubuntu:
* Fedora:
* Arch:
# Donations
*There is absolutley no obligation to donate, this software is free and will remain that way, this is just if you wanna help support my caffeine addiction ☕️*
I accept donations either through Patreon (See the right hand side bar). Or via crypto (BTC and Lightning).
### On Chain
My On Chain address is: `36MMVwfxRyZKA4SJyUkB8QptMvBip9jLzS`
### Lightning
[]( is currently not accepting sign ups, once they do I will create an account then I will accept tips via Lightning